Shark Truth

The inventors of Happy Hearts Love Sharks (HHLS) wedding contest, Shark Truth was founded in Canada in 2009. With the goal to promote awareness and action for sharks within their own community, Shark Truth launched the annual wedding contest to engage wedding couples in an effective and meaningful way.

Because of the immense success of the contest as a model for change, Hong Kong
Shark Foundation approached Shark Truth about bringing it exclusively to Hong
Kong. Now, Shark Truth is exploring other partnership opportunities and if you are interested in running Happy Hearts Love Sharks in your city or country, please contact

Shark Truth is a grassroots nonprofit based in Canada and was founded by Chinese-Canadian Claudia Li. The organisation’s philosophy is to create long-term champions from within the community for shark and environmental conservation through unique and culturally informed outreach campaigns. Shark Truth has also been at the forefront of supporting legislation to protect sharks.

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Our Sharks. Our Oceans. Our Future.
我們的鯊魚。 我們的海洋。 我們的未來。