Dining vouchers for Linguini Fini and Posto Pubblico

Linguini Fini is a great value Ristorante Italian, rooted in authentic taste infused with local flavors.

Rustic, homemade Italian cuisine that has room for a little Hong Kong twist without taking away from the meats and sausages that are home-cured, the Bolognese that is always slowly simmered for hours to perfection, and the pasta that must be al dente even if local palates prefer it a little softer. And just like the other restaurant venues under IHM, Linguini Fini dishes are created using local organic produce and animals sourced from neighboring farms.

The ‘deliciozo’ cuisine at Linguini Fini may be Italian, but its essence is universal. Casual is not careless. And affordable is never, ever cheap.


Take the melting pot of New York City, infuse with Italian roots. Add two childhood friends who grew up in the restaurant industry, dashes of creativity and passion. Top with aspiration and serve.

At Posto Pubblico, you’ll find Italian home cooking with classically simple ingredients and a vibe reminiscent of the Italy lost in ‘old New York’. Perceptive, not pretentious. Attuned to serving the community and the environment. Posto Pubblico is a casual, comfortable hang-out for grabbing a quick bite, meeting for drinks or spending hours in.


Thanks to the generous support of our partner Integrated Hospitality Management, this tasty Togetherness prize includes two HK$500 dining vouchers for two people, one each for Linguini Fini and Posto Pubblico.