HK Shark Foundation


HK Shark Foundation (HKSF) is part of Hong Kong registered charity MYOCEAN Limited.

We are dedicated to raising awareness of shark conservation issues amongst the people of Hong Kong and, specifically, of the urgent need for people to stop consuming shark products, primarily shark fin soup. We oppose shark-fin products specifically on the grounds that the shark-finning industry is environmentally unsustainable and threatens the delicate balance of our precious marine ecosystems.

HKSF works mainly in the field of consumer awareness, education and outreach, but also runs a corporate advocacy programme and limited Government lobbying activities.

HKSF is a highly collaborative organization and works with likeminded NGOs and  partners around the world. The Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest was originally conceived of by Canadian partner Shark Truth and, on behalf of ourselves and our local supporting organizations, we’re delighted to have been given exclusive permission to create the Hong Kong edition.

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