Air Pacific

For six decades, Air Pacific has been ‘flying Fiji’ and, together with its subsidiary Pacific Sun, now operates over 400 flights a week to almost 15 cities in 10 countries around the world.

As part of its overall plan to continually create a better airline for customers, Air Pacific is proud to be upgrading its fleet to include three new Airbus A330-200s, from early 2013. Also, the capacity and comfort of the Hong Kong route will be enhanced through introducing the B747-400s aircraft from January 2012, with flight schedule adjusted to 2 flights per week (Thu & Sat).

Air Pacific is proud to support the Happy Hearts Love Sharks – Hong Kong wedding contest, because shark tourism is an important source of revenue for the local economy and because Fijians have long respected sharks. Traditionally, our ancestors viewed sharks as gods who kept the community safe from harm and they would feed sharks, not hunt them! Today, this tradition is continued by local villages having jobs as shark feeders who dive with tourists so that they can experience the beauty of sharks in their natural habitat.