March Togetherness Prize Winners Announced!

helen and jay

Congratulations to the shark-loving couple Helen and Jay! Among 18 couples who entered the contest in March. Helen and Jay were selected as winners of the March Toegtherness Prize by Mr Timothy Ng, Deputy Director of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong.

“Marriage is a special event with blessing from the guests to the newlyweds, it is warm and full of joy and happiness. The part that I like the most is, apart from they don’t offer shark fin soup to their guests, they call for joint action from other wedding couples to save the sharks together. I hope they can continue to spread this message to their friends such that more people can support this in the future,” said Timothy.

The lovely couple was awarded a two-hour wedding planning consultation sponsored by the Marriage Maestros – a renowned wedding planning establishment who provides top-notch wedding planning services.