February’s Togetherness Prize Announced!

feb togetherness-02

We are happy to announce that the long-awaited February Togetherness Prize went to the lovely couple Julia and YS, they would enjoy a HK$8,000 outdoor photography shoot sponsored by MTM Workshop.

We were honored to have Ms Audrey Eu, member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and the former (founding) leader of the Civic Party as the independent judge this time.  Audrey said “I like the fact that they mentioned upgrading the menu to choose an alternative to shark fin and not just saying no to shark fin.  They said the guest enjoyed the food and it shows that saying no to shark fin is not just a negative prohibition but you can turn it into something enjoyable.”

We wanted to celebrate the Valentine’s Day, therefore as a belated Valentine’s Day gift, Julia and YS would enjoy a bundle of natural skincare products valued at up to HK$800 sponsored by Eternal Concept®!

Congratulations Julia & YS!